Underfloor Heating

The Classic mat makes a warm floor underfoot an affordable luxury, making any floor surface in any room a joy to walk on.

Use the Classic Mat if you want the thinnest cable in our range, to keep the floor height to a minimum.

It is widely accepted that heating mats are superior to loose cable systems, as they are much quicker to install and have regulated cable widths, so you always get a good even heat spread with no hot or cold spots.

Our Classic mat unlike competitor products has a fabric backing allowing adhesives to be fully absorbed, thereby allowing a perfect bond between the tiles and the sub-floor.

  • Tested in accordance with National and International Standards for safety (IEC, VDE, SEMKO, UL, etc.)
  • Fulfills the INCIRP guidelines and regulations in regards to the EMF (Electromagnetic Fields)
  • Complies with wiring rules regarding EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility)
  • Should be installed in accordance with National and Local Electrical Codes
  • Always read the installation Instructions.

Technical Data

Output cable 11 W/m
Voltage 230 V~
Outer insulation PVC
Thickness of mat/wire ~ 3.3 mm
Protection class I + 30mA RCD
Connections Two connections
Net colour White - textile
Cable color White
Space between heating wires 7 cm
Supply lead length 4.0m
Width 500mm
Sizes available 1-10 m sq


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Size (m sq) Code Dimensions (meters) Price
1.0 TRAD010160 0.5 x 2.0 £50.50
1.5 TRAD015160 0.5 x 3.0 £67.50
2.0 TRAD020160 0.5 x 4.0 £82.00
2.5 TRAD025160 0.5 x 5.0 £96.00
3.0 TRAD030160 0.5 x 6.0 £112.00
4.0 TRAD040160 0.5 x 8.0 £142.00
5.0 TRAD050160 0.5 x 10.0 £173.00
6.0 TRAD060160 0.5 x 12.0 £203.00
7.0 TRAD070160 0.5 x 14.0 £233.00
8.0 TRAD080160 0.5 x 16.0 £262.00
9.0 TRAD090160 0.5 x 18.0 £293.00
10.0 TRAD100160 0.5 x 20.0 £324.00
Controls Product code Price
16amp thermostat with manual on/off FWM MA £48.00
16amp programmable floor thermostat (7 day) FWM BS £66.00
16amp Touch Screen programmable floor thermostat (7 day) FWM TS £84.00
13amp RCD Spur RCD13 £48.00
25amp RCD RCD25 £48.00
An RCD safety device must be fitted to validate our lifetime warranty
Accessories Code Price
Double sided self adhesive installation tape (recommended) INSTDOUBTAP £6.70
6mm & 10mm insulated tile backer board 1200mm x 600mm INSTBOARD £19.90
Underfloor heating damage alarm INSTALARM £12.00

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